Possible Future Warfare Technologies

As of late a delicate man had asked me is there anything that the US Military doesn't have in their weapons store that they may require later on? He showed that the US Military had every one of the weapons they could ever require. One needs to snicker at such an announcement as once a US Patent Office Bureaucrat had said; "Everything that will ever be created has just been developed" and this was back around 100 years prior. Would you be able to suppose we had stayed dormant and humankind had never created another new development?

In this way, I go through around 15 minutes and thought of certain things that the US Military will require later on however doesn't at present have. Everything I can believe is imagine a scenario in which I had allowed myself 2-hours of strong speculation on this idea.

1.) Aerial Grid Defense System

2.) Anti-gravity Systems

3.) Biological Defense Net

4.) Migratory Bird Electromagnet guiding directional ability

5.) A defendable outskirt

6.) Instant recognition of Nuclear Weapons at all purposes of section

7.) A fly contender which can go from killed to 10,000 feet in a short time

8.) Scram Jet

9.) Fully Robotic Tanks

10.) Self driving escorts

11.) Ships which fly

12.) Flying Submarines

13.) Flying, steerable Hand projectiles

14.) Clones

15.) CIA Androids

16.) high-elevation ICBM Defense net

17.) Tunneling automated conveyance frameworks

18.) Invisible art

19.) Time travel

20.) Earthquake producer

21.) Typhoon Generator

22.) Tsunami Defense framework

23.) Human Love Generator

24.) Holographic Projection

24.) Human Hibernation Machine

25.) Earth Calamity Sun Spot framework

26.) IQ upgrade machine

27.) Fear Reduction Device

28.) DNA handheld moment determination gadget

29.) AUV burrowing robot for covering up

30.) Goo Defense framework

31.) Space Debris Collector to ensure satellites

32.) VLA on the moon listening gadget

33.) Electromagnetic Energy Collection Device to kill space rocks

34.) Mind to mind thought move

35.) Enemy mind understanding machine

36.) Locust actuating unit

37.) Good bug repellant

38.) 1-mile away directional immobilizer

39.) Animal personality correspondence

40.) Dolphin memory download

41.) Tornado creator

42.) Visual pixel disturbance for adversary gear

43.) Nuclear blast reverser

44.) Nuclear material to lead creator

45.) complete climate control

46.) Incoming shot eliminator

47.) steerable little arms shots

48.) Sound shrouding

49.) Thermal human non-enlisting uniform

50.) remedy for malignancy

51.) Trackable cash framework

52.) complete identifiable load framework

53.) truth making machine for prisoners

54.) Nano-Carbon Tube windshields

55.) Tanks which run on water

56.) Planetary protection framework

57.) Robotic Camels

58.) Cactus tree sensors

59.) Flying autos

60.) Force Fields

61.) Invisible helicopters

63.) Helicopters which are protected

64.) Helicopters which keep going forever

65.) Helicopters which make no commotion

66.) Aerial refueling airships for UAVs

67.) Aerostats which can fly in overwhelming breezes

68.) Solar Aircraft which can fly inconclusively

69.) Communication hand held gadgets which utilize no batteries

70.) Human alteration to lessen nourishment utilization and waste

71.) Skin recovery

72.) Limb recovery

73.) Underground observing gadgets

74.) Satellite police

75.) UAVs with natural minds

76.) UAVs which can turn 25 g's

77.) VTOL UAV which can go supersonic

78.) Vision Systems to see vitality and correspondence waves

79.) 360 degree night vision situational recording gadgets

80.) Dream preparing frameworks

81.) Common Cockpit gadgets so every man can utilize each machine

82.) Self making materials

84.) Airport commotion end frameworks

85.) UAVs which fly in contrails and use CO2 for fuel

86.) Traction Beams for space assortment

87.) Gravity grapples

88.) Safe remote vitality move

89.) life expansion

90.) Humvees with appropriate defensive layer which don't tip over because of weight

91.) Cargo Aircraft that are VTOL and effective

92.) Zapping unit which destroys individual who parts with ordered information

93.) Trash robots to learn insider facts

94.) ionic dismantling unit

95.) High-vitality Laser return moment arrangement reflect

96.) Pre-comprehension cautioning framework

97.) AI which can make a wisecrack or decode one

98.) Non-direct scientific nuclear turn reenactment PC for quantum figuring and de-coding

99.) Natural Motion Ship Hulls

100.) Spherical skipping robots

101.) Human lying recognizable proof handheld gadget.

Yet, hello, don't stress researchers are most likely dealing with them, I thought. In any case, in with or without joking. You know truly, I just plunked down and composed these. There must have 300-400 new ideas recorded on my site and I get all the more every day. So discovering something the US Military needs isn't excessively hard. What they truly need is an open, which underpins our military without limit and which isn't so up to speed in radicalism that they comprehend the requirement for such. We are discussing people here and our human advancement and the eventual fate of our species has consistently been about quality. Until that changes, we should be going ahead. Think on this.

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